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Doe is a British heritage story, beginning in 1908 when Deborah Thomas's great, great grandfather, William Pearce produced leather linings for hats and shoes in Northampton. The business grew during the First World War supplying sheepskins for the troops, and soon W. Pearce and Co moved to a large purpose built Art Deco factory on the outskirts of the town. An export market developed and they began to specialise in embossing prints such as snake, lizard, crocodile and ostrich onto quality hides. Soon the company held the largest collection of embossing plates in the world. Cheaper imports began flooding the market in the 1990s and the factory ceased production in 2002 with the loss of 120 skilled workers. The unique archive prints were preserved in swatch books and have now been carefully sewn into zip pulls to embellish a small range of contemporary leather goods. The most exclusive, hand waxed, smooth and durable Bridle Hide has been selected for these pieces. Styles are deliberately simple with minimal hardware to distract from the luxurious leather. Hand crafted in one of the last remaining Black Country leather goods workshops, this collection is part of a continuing tradition. Bio >>

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