Supporting Slow

Hello, we hope you are having a wonderful Autumn. With our annual Slow Living Market upon us, we thought we’d take some time to explore this movement and how it informs what we do here at Doe.


At Doe, we've always been committed to being absolutely transparent and traceable with our work and that starts with our most important material: leather. From the very beginning of our business we have used bridle leather - the strongest and most durable of leathers traditionally used in equestrianism. Taken from the ‘butt’ or centre back of a full-grain hide it develops a beautiful patina with wear.

The centuries old vegetable tanning process for bridle takes 10-12 weeks, unlike 90% of the world’s leather which is finished in a matter of days. It uses bark and plant extracts and natural waxes applied by hand, a very different story from the chromium finish used in polluting 'toxic tanneries'. We combine this with vintage embossed swatches rescued from our family tannery dating back to the 1920s, making every piece truly unique.

For our Market Bags vegetable tanned ‘russet ‘ leather is combined with Pump Street Bakery cocoa sacking, another example of innovative upcycling.

If you have questions about the provenance of anything we make here at Doe, we’d love to tell you more.


Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world and our insatiable appetite for cheap, throwaway clothes and accessories needs a rethink.

Buying less but better and choosing well can help reverse this unsustainable type of consumerism.

We design our collections to be minimal, long lasting and beyond transient trends.


Originating from the Slow Food Movement (which challenges fast food convenience by preserving cultural cuisine), slow living is about finding the right balance in our fast-paced, over-scheduled, technologically-driven world. This basic belief can be applied to schools, money, parenting, travel and even cities, with the overarching commonality being about connecting back to ourselves, each other and our planet.

Doe Slow Living Market


This will be our third year of co-curating this event in Orford Town Hall . As well as welcoming back some favourite artisans we have some exciting newcomers such as Bermondsey Street Bees and Michael Ruh. New too are the Little Slow craft area for under 12s and Shakiro Japanese mending workshops.

Each exhibitor has to fit with our criteria of making in small batches, being as environmentally respectful as possible and able and willing to demonstrate their craft. They actively invite conversations about what they do and take the time to explain the process .

Doe Leather

Michael Ruh Glass

Using 98% recycled optical glass and delicately blended colours, Michael Ruh’s work is exquisite. Collected worldwide we are delighted to have his work here in Suffolk.

Doe Leather

Esthea Evans Sashiko Demonstration

Sashiko embroidery hails from Japan & is as much about beautiful stitching as it is a 'make do & mend' philosophy. Repairing fabric with intricate, delicate stitches, Sashiko is a meditative craft.

Upcoming events

Doe Events

The Merchant's Table

We’ll be on hand both Saturdays for leather-craft and knowledge sharing. 

November 10th 10am - 5pm
December 8th 10am - 5pm 

The Merchant's Table, 10 Church Street, Woodbridge, IP12 1DH

Doe Events

Badger's Velvet Christmas 

A collective of carefully chosen designers, makers and artisans. 

November 17th 10am - 5:30pm
November 18th 10am - 5:00pm

The Department Store, 248 Ferndale Road, Brixton, SW9 

December 1st 10am - 5:30pm 

Rosslyn Hill Chapel, Hampstead High St, NW3