The Sustainable Design Book

Doe is excited to be included in the newly printed The Sustainable Design Book by Rebecca Proctor, published by Laurence King.

It's a beautiful compilation of over 250 world wide designers working creatively and thoughtfully with the environment in mind.

Each listing is cleverly coordinated with icons highlighting the company's sustainability credentials. They all inspire and encourage us to consume carefully, responsibly and after asking important questions of provenance.
With leathergoods, it is more important than ever for diligence as the majority of the world's tanneries are hugely polluting, making lives dangerous for the workers and the surrounding communities . When buying new pieces make sure they are ethically produced and chromium free and also consider recycled leather (although reconstituted is probably best avoided).

Doe will only ever use the best vegetable tanned hides and proudly up cycles archive swatches of printed leather from the old family factory that would otherwise be destined for landfill.

Notable designers also incorporating leather into their collections and featured in the book include Hettler Tulman, Pepe Heykoop and Veja. 

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