Rosewood Slow Living

Rosewood Slow Living
Slow Food and Living

Sunday 29 March 2015 10.30am - 3pm

We are delighted to be taking part in the Rosewood London Food and Living event on Sunday 29th March from 10.30am to 3pm.
The beautiful Belle Époque building and tranquil courtyard provides the perfect backdrop for food producers and designer/makers to interact with customers and each other. The Slow Movement which started in Italy over ten years ago is gaining more and more momentum as consumers demand to know where their food, fashion and homewares actually come from and who produced them. This ethos which encourages more consideration, thought and transparency around the purchasing choices we make, lies at the heart of Doe.
Here is a little more on why...

Slow Leather
All Doe pieces are crafted in the West Midlands from the finest bridle hide. This type of leather is from the back or 'butt' of European cattle reared for beef and is tanned using natural oils, waxes and tallows. This traditional method takes over two months to complete. In contrast 90% of the world's leather takes only two days to process and uses toxic chromium salts. Vegetable tanned hides develop a lustre or 'patina' and improve with age. More waxes can be gently rubbed in with a soft cloth to further  protect and soften it. Cheap chrome finished skins weaken, crack and flake over time and cannot be conditioned or buffed. 
Doe designs are deliberately simple and timeless ensuring they become long lasting favourites, beyond the vagaries of fast fashion.
Please come and say hello on the 29th. You can find the Rosewood London at 252 High Holborn, WV1V 7EN. The nearest tube is Holborn and there is free parking all day in the surrounding streets.